Beaux Arts Fair in Davenport Iowa, September 6th & 7th

If you are going to be in the area, I hope you will come see me. I am in booth 23.


Art View: I Get Around

I get around. No. Seriously. I do.

This year we are doing about twenty-five shows between April and October from Texas to Michigan and up and down the Mississippi River Valley. Because of all the getting around we do, this year we began a project to video document the artists and people that we meet around us. The videos are far from professional, but like my friends, I prefer to think of them as authentic. The result is that you will get to meet some really wonderful people and fantastic artists that you may not know are out there.

At least that is the hope. You get to decide. Where possible we will include links to their websites, Facebook pages and their other social media.

You can see more about this endeavor on my Vintage Painter Youtube channel.


Powderhorn Art Fair in Minneapolis


First of all, next year, there is no way we are doing an art show every weekend between April and September. NO WAY! We are exhausted.

I’m sorry we haven’t been able to post much this year. Not even pictures but with only five shows left this season I wanted to make a moment and let you know of one close to home in Minneapolis.

The Powderhorn Art Fair is this weekend. Of the three major art shows in Minneapolis this weekend – Uptown, Loring Park and Powderhorn, I like the cool grassy, tree-lined park overlooking the lake of Powderhorn best.

Especially if it is as hot as they are predicting this weekend.

I will be in Booth 102 overlooking the lake and, hopefully, under a tree. Come see me.



2014-07-19 11.29.49


Artists: The Creative Entrepreneurs

“Artists want money so they can make more art; entrepreneurs want money so they can make more money.” – Andrew Horwitz

Spring Green 2012 Prize

Receiving my “Best of” Ribbon at Spring Green, WI Art Show. (Summer 2012).

I’m not sure I completely agree with the entire article but it raises some good issues.

Tragically, I do think we live in a culture that believes, “because artists don’t hold the making of money as their highest value, [artists] must therefore be simple and naive.”

Talk about stereotyping!

The truth is, I do everything any other self-employed small business entrepreneur does. I manage my cash-flow, I create a brand, I promote my business and search for the right market that allows me to sell my work for a profit.

And I work hard.

And, like any other good business owner, I reinvest my profits back into my business so that I can continue to grow.

Ford makes and sells cars, Nucor makes and sells steel and I make and sell vintage and Americana themed oil paintings and murals.

I see little difference in our goals, just our Visions.

The brain is amazing

The kids were delivered to a new home on Monday. Thank you B & C for the love and support.

I wonder who became the mover, perceiver, stimulator and adapter?

Not everyone understands the choices I make everyday as a painter and entrepreneur.

In school we would take tests based on the Briggs-Myers tests and find out if we are introverts or extroverts, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling and judging or perceiving. Often time it would be as simple as saying, “Well you’re creative so you must be left brained and he is good at math so he is right brained,” or some equally useless classification system.

What I’ve discovered at 40ish is the label doesn’t matter.

Sidebar: Is my age a label?

The bottom line is I do what I do because it is who I am. Which is why I like this article in the WSJ. It isn’t left or right brained but top or bottom brained. Depending on our brain activity we are movers, perceivers, stimulators or adapters?  

Based on the book “Top Brain, Bottom Brain: Surprising Insights Into How You Think,” by Dr. Stephen Kosslyn and writer G. Wayne Miller, it talks about their exciting research into how we really see the world. It highlights the new view of the brain and offers insight into our role within our families, teams, organizations and in relation to the world. 

We only have one life so why do we spend it in a manner dictated by parents, teachers, ministers, spouses and coaches? All too often we find ourselves in situations with people who would have us be something we are not. Happiness in life is found by conforming to our nature instead of conforming to what other people would have us be. I get along best with the people who understand who I am and compliment who I am intrinsically. I get along best with people who know who they are.

Isn’t our obligation to ourselves and our Vision? Why is choosing our lives selfishness if it is honest about who we are and our proper place in the world?

Maybe it is time to make a move based on who we are and not on who other people would have us be.

Click here to take the test.

What would you take? An essay on perspective and values.

shipAs an entrepreneur and artist I am always trading off one thing against another to make way for my Vision.

As such, I enjoyed this excellent article on The Art of Manliness website about the Ernest Shackleton expedition to cross Antarctica in 1914.

It was a disaster.

The Endeavor was eventually caught in an ice flow and chewed open by the grinding of the ice against her hull. They were forced to abandon ship and make their way nearly 650 miles across the frozen landscape.

Remember, they did this before Gore-Tex, GPS, cell phones, radios and a host of other modern “conveniences”.

To aid survival Shackleton allowed his crew to take only two pounds of personal belongings on their treacherous journey.


The essay highlights what they kept and what they left behind and then draws some parallels to the modern issues of American life.

I thought it was interesting essay and wanted to share it with you.

To read The Art of Manliness article click here.

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