Dig it : Pre-Raphaelite babes

Know your Pre-Raphaelites! There will be a quiz. Maybe. Just be prepared.

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Detention To Detail

I was watching a documentary hosted by Andrew Lloyd Weber, who looks like he could be toad of Toad hall, the documentary was about Pre-Raphaelite painters and it was beautiful. I can’t believe it took me this many years to discover this style, because I can now see this movements influence in everything that’s happening in fashion right now. It’s such an indulgent-teenaged-girls-wet-dream style, reminds me of candles, tarot cards and diaries. Although I can see the tackiness and predictability in it, I dig it.

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Food for thought


There are a lot of reasons to love street art. It is more than simply the scrawl of anarchists and bathroom stalls. Check out this fantastic article about street artists taking over a soon to be demolished building in Paris.

And if it is Paris why is so much of the work in English?