The brain is amazing

The kids were delivered to a new home on Monday. Thank you B & C for the love and support.

I wonder who became the mover, perceiver, stimulator and adapter?

Not everyone understands the choices I make everyday as a painter and entrepreneur.

In school we would take tests based on the Briggs-Myers tests and find out if we are introverts or extroverts, sensing or intuitive, thinking or feeling and judging or perceiving. Often time it would be as simple as saying, “Well you’re creative so you must be left brained and he is good at math so he is right brained,” or some equally useless classification system.

What I’ve discovered at 40ish is the label doesn’t matter.

Sidebar: Is my age a label?

The bottom line is I do what I do because it is who I am. Which is why I like this article in the WSJ. It isn’t left or right brained but top or bottom brained. Depending on our brain activity we are movers, perceivers, stimulators or adapters?  

Based on the book “Top Brain, Bottom Brain: Surprising Insights Into How You Think,” by Dr. Stephen Kosslyn and writer G. Wayne Miller, it talks about their exciting research into how we really see the world. It highlights the new view of the brain and offers insight into our role within our families, teams, organizations and in relation to the world. 

We only have one life so why do we spend it in a manner dictated by parents, teachers, ministers, spouses and coaches? All too often we find ourselves in situations with people who would have us be something we are not. Happiness in life is found by conforming to our nature instead of conforming to what other people would have us be. I get along best with the people who understand who I am and compliment who I am intrinsically. I get along best with people who know who they are.

Isn’t our obligation to ourselves and our Vision? Why is choosing our lives selfishness if it is honest about who we are and our proper place in the world?

Maybe it is time to make a move based on who we are and not on who other people would have us be.

Click here to take the test.


One thought on “The brain is amazing

  1. I loved your article! Just what I needed to hear today, or read! Thanks for the inspiration- I also just love viewing your new work-absolutely captivating. You are always a breathe of fresh art..(air) 🙂

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