A special thank you to Charles van Heck

Writer, poet, photographer and teacher Charles van Heck.

Writer, poet, photographer and teacher Charles van Heck.

I want to take a quick moment and thank Charles van Heck at Woodhull Arts Journal for taking the time to get to know me and my art.

Yesterday he publishing a wonderful interview on his site entitled American Experiences; Visions of History and the Business of Art: An Interview with Chrissy Mount (Kapp).

Charles’ interview process is based on a thoughtful and thought-provoking interview where he made time to consider my art and my business before he even spoke with me. He read all of my blog posts, perused my website, examined my art and researched my painting styles and influences before he decided to profile me in his online art journal.

He is a true professional in a world where narcissistic self-promotion all too often hides behind a mask of journalism.

His introduction utilized a wonderful analogy that not only accurately portrayed some of the issues I face every day as an artist but also made me a bit hungry for a really good salad.

I hope you will make the time to read his journal – and the other interviews with other artists – and get to know him for his writing, photography and poetry.


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