HELP! Name the streets! Win a Prize!

My son modeling for Brains and Donuts.


I just about finished a new painting entitled Brains and Donuts.

However, I need a good name for the cross streets. Suggest a couple of good names and win a signed, numbered and limited edition giclee from my collection.

You can see what other people have suggested at Facebook and G+. Feel free to make your suggestions there or in the comments below!

I’ll let you know the winner on Thursday.

Help! Name the cross streets!


12 thoughts on “HELP! Name the streets! Win a Prize!

  1. Ring Road and Center Circle. . Both are symbolic of brains and donuts. Brains are the center of the nervous system and form what some medical professionals call a circle or ring. Donuts are obviously a ring or circle with no center.

    By the way, of all the art we have, guests are always first drawn to the four children sitting on the steps. It has made for some lively party conversation and a host of memories. Many thanks, Randy and Jeff

  2. Hi Everyone! Thank you everyone for all the great suggestions.

    So the winner is…drum roll please…

    Mind and Matter from Dan S. (from G+)

    Congratulations! Dan wins a signed limited edition print of Brains and Donuts.

    Runner ups are Wesley I. (FB) and Charles van H. (G+). Wes and Charles get a choice of a matted paper print of the Brains and Donuts or a 5 pack of assorted cards.

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