What? I am going to write a blog?!

Pikes Place Market

So…at one point I thought it would be fun to start some more business pages on Facebook.

Yeah, right!

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate taking care of my household, raising my twin boys and trying to run an art business!

One goal was to reach out to other people who suffer with food allergies.  You see, I am allergic to dairy, soy, other foods in the legume family and do not tolerate MSG , corn syrups of high fructose corn syrups.  Basically this means I have to eat healthy and make all my foods from scratch without milk or cream sauces. In the process I realised that there are just not that many good recipes out there for people like me.  Thus the birth of “What’s Cooking Good Looking?

The second page is named “The Greasy Spoon.” Basically the anti-healthy vintage, retro solution.  It is for people who love the old dive greasy spoon restaurants. Well really, I started it because I like the history of food and signage.  It is a way for people to connect that enjoy cruising the old main streets and exploring the old spaces and places.

Old billboards, motorcycles

Servi Car and Billboards

It is essentially anti-franchise, anti-chain and anti-brand. Find something vintage and typical Americana before it was ruined by the conformists that run focus groups, marketing departments and corporate identity programs.

It is essentially, ying and yang. Both sides of the force – the darkside and the lightside? What is the opposite of the darkside? Okay, Sith versus the Jedi.

So I’m telling you this for two reasons, well really one, my partner told me to sit and write a blog. I always do what he tells me. Usually.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about ALL the things I want to do and work on but the truth is all of these other things take me away from what I need and want – to paint. To paint lots…and sell lots of my original paintings.

He reminded me tonight that if I focus on my Vision than a time will come when I can do the other things. Sooner I get started the sooner I can get started.

First things first…and I’ll sneak off to work on my hobbies when my Visions sleeps.


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